How To Create An Impressive Look Of Custom Handle Boxes 

Custom handle boxes are the need of the time for different companies for their product packaging. Because these boxes allow them to differentiate their items from their opponent’s products. In the past few years, companies have invested a lot of money in new design options for their product packaging.

But as the market gets saturated and new competitors come in they start to compete for the market shares. For that, they should have an individual brand identity to get recognized in the market. For that businesses took the help of packaging boxes. The custom boxes with handles serve the purpose of brand building for different companies. 

The amazing design of these boxes helps many businesses to do so for their brands. The distinctive design of handle boxes looks amazing and can help the products of different companies to stand out in the market. Let’s continue!

Enticing And Durable Material 

Selecting the right material for product boxes is crucial for brands to keep the products safe in customizable packaging boxes. Retail trademarks prefer using durable, robust, and eco-friendly packaging material to safely encase their products. Cardboard material is a favorably used stock for product packaging. 

It is lightweight, cost-effective, efficiently customizable, and protective material. Moreover, a paper-based Cardboard Box with handle shields the products from potential damage during storehouse, handling, and shipping. They help buyers take the products to their doorstep without any flusters and worry.

Catchy Design Of Custom Handle Boxes

The product box’s visual impression and design are more important for brands and consumers than we think. If the product box is engaging and has a catchy and memorable outlook, you can grab many new customers’ attention to your company’s products. 

Also, if you design custom packaging according to the market trends with the right color combination and lush printing, you can distinguish your products from others. Consequently, you can choose custom handle boxes according to your preferences and taste, which help in your product display and promotion.

Dynamic Printing And Color Strategies 

Customers love vibrant and bright color choices. Custom handle boxes are designed with different printing techniques and colors according to customer needs. Digital and offset printing are options. Digital printing lasts shorter. Offset printing maintains the color on the boxes for the longest time.

Therefore, the most commonly used color schemes are CMYK and PMS. The CMYK color scheme should have 4 absolute colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) to make shades of colors. PMS (Pantone Matching System) offers absolute colors and shades. You can use these color schemes on the custom handle box design.

Finishing And Different Components

These custom boxes come with catchy finishes that protect the products from dust and moisture and help distinguish your products from other brands’ products. Some mentionable finishes are matte lamination, glossy lamination, silver/golden coating, and varnish coat. You also can use different add-ons on your custom printed box packaging, such as window die cuts and custom inserts. 

The window feature allows others to see your products from inside the handle box. On the other hand, the custom inserts separate your small products from other products in the same box, which makes them protective from their internal clashes. These options make your product packaging protective, striking, and professional-looking for your target customers.

Fascinating Look Of Your Packaging

You must always pay attention to the attractiveness of handle boxes. Introduce something original and memorable to make people remember you if you want your product to stand out. The alluring and sharp look of the custom handle box design will work beyond the imagination of customers. Through appealing packaging design, you can experiment with the appearance of the boxes to reflect your brand’s values. By making your products stand out, displaying this quality can help you increase sales.

Handle Boxes Used For Gift Packaging

Flip top boxes wholesale are made of high-quality material that can be used for shipping gift items to different places. The quality maintains the structure and shape of the boxes and looks presentable.

The users can embellish such kind of packaging with an extra add-on like bows, strips, flowers, ribbons, and so on. The clients will definitely find it memorable and interesting in gift boxes that make them happy by showing your true love. In this order, you can’t underestimate the value of this packaging that helps you to reach out to your consumers as well. You can add freebies and giveaway gifts that promote your company’s image among buyers.


Custom handle boxes are designed to fit different products, and personalization can be printed on them. These handle boxes can be made using high-quality material style, shape, and design. Thus, the amazing look of handle boxes can increase brand recognition and sales of attractive handles. 

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